Robbie Steinhouse

Support Tools

On this page you can download tools that we suggest in the book. The tools come in a variety of formats from PDF worksheets to MP3 audio files.

1. The Seven Parallels Worksheet

PDF   The Seven Parallels Worksheet (104kb)

2. MP3 of the Seven Parallels process

MP3   The Seven Parallels MP3 (4.11mb) | (Download only)

Once you have done some work on the Seven Parallels worksheet (either in the book or downloaded from this site), let Robbie Steinhouse talk you through a guided visualization process. This will help you fill any gaps in the worksheet or come up with alternatives to what you have written in the worksheet – particularly at the "higher" levels. Mission, for example, is often "detected" rather than consciously thought out – being in a relaxed state can be the best way to truly find out what you are trying to achieve.

The process begins with a relaxation section, enabling you to stop conscious thought processes. Robbie then invites you to recall your work on the 7 Parallels. Towards the end, Robbie invites you to simply relax and let descriptions of your mission and identity simply "appear" out of the blue.

3. Instructions for Entrepreneurial Planning for Microsoft Outlook (book p. 101–104)

MS Word   Entrepreneurial Planning for Microsoft Outlook