Robbie Steinhouse

The Book

This book takes the reader through the life-cycle of a business, concentrating on both the practical and the psychological issues. It is a carefully-balanced mixture of ‘been there, done that’ advice and powerful tools for personal and organizational change derived from NLP, Transactional Analysis and business coaching. All are put across in good, clear English, not managementese or psychobabble.

The book begins at the very earliest stages: generating an idea and testing it as quickly and effectively as possible. Issues that arise at this point are often about permission to succeed, fear of failure, and perfectionism.

If the idea has ‘legs’, it then needs to be turned into a genuine platform for success. Entrepreneurs need to understand the full range of business skills they will have to deploy at this point, and to develop ways of separating their now growing business from their own ego and needs. As the business expands further, it may encounter sudden reversals of fortune – techniques for dealing with these are presented. People skills become ever more important: the book goes into both the psychology and the technical principles of delegation (often the biggest problem for entrepreneurs).

If all the above has all handled done well, the business should enter a period of rapid growth, which we call ‘the Jetstream’. Many entrepreneurs find this an exciting but stressful time: under this stress old psychological patterns can emerge – if these are not dealt with, the business can be unconsciously ‘sabotaged’. For others, work addiction can become a problem. The book contains solutions for these problems.

Finally, the authors address the questions that come with success: how do you know when you’ve really won, and what do you do after that? Success can be surprisingly hard to deal with – but not if you follow the advice presented here.

“Think Like an Entrepreneur is a rich, practical and well-crafted book. Bringing together principles and methods from NLP, Transactional Analysis and coaching, Robbie Steinhouse provides extremely useful tools and know-how, gathered from his own life experience, that can help anyone navigate the journey of starting a successful business. The book is easy to read, jargon-free and filled with clear examples and exercises. Think Like an Entrepreneur is a wonderful guidebook for anyone who is ready to start thier own business and begin living their dreams.”
Robert Dilts, Founder of NLP University, author and leading contributor to the field of NLP since the early 1990s.

“An authoritative and sharply written guide to the psychology of success in the business world and a shrewd analysis of the discipline and courage needed to transform a bright idea into a thriving commercial enterprise.”
Al Alvarez, Author

“Robbie Steinhouse is an entrepreneur with a difference: he knows how he does it. He combines the best of pragmatic real-word commercial acumen with some of the most cutting-edge personal development and modelling tools on the planet. I love the style of this book too, conversational and transformational.”
Kimberley Hare, Trainer and entrepreneur.